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Our wide range of equipment pooling and rental solutions include:

Pool Management
Whether you already own your own pool or wish to operate a dedicated pool, Demes can integrate your requirements into our existing infrastructure to take over the complexities of managing this important business asset, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Demes will organise the delivery and recovery of assets to match product flows to your requirements. Our flexible approach means we can work within your existing supply chain infrastructure to maximise financial and operation benefits. For example, we can work with your existing logistics provider to recover packaging assets.

iTrack, our bespoke information tool, tracks your equipment as it moves through the supply chain and gives you (and us) full visibility over your assets at any time.

Process Management
Demes can service your equipment through one of our many European Service Centres, or we can establish an on-site operation. Both give you the benefits of a professionally managed and run operation.

Process management services include-

  • Hygienic washing of plastic containers, pallets and layer pads
  • Equipment sorting, inspection and repair and associated data management
  • Asset preparation let Demes supply you with ready for use packaging on a JIT basis
The scale at which these service centres operate, combined with our specialist expertise, give Demes a very clear cost advantage over customer owned and operated systems.

Equipment Sourcing and Pool Design
Demes can utilise the extensive network of DS Smith Group companies to design, manufacture and implement a packaging pool to meet your requirements. Alternatively we can compliment our existing pooled items by offering a one-stop-shop for all your multi-trip and one-way packaging requirements.

Equipment Rental
If you have limited capital budgets Demes can provide equipment on a rental basis, saving the need to use valuable capital budgets for packaging assets.

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