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Intelligent packaging logistics

Demes is a European leader in the provision of returnable packaging pooling solutions.

With over 20 years experience in the techniques and technology of returnable packaging systems, Demes manages pools of pallets, layer pads and other packaging assets so efficiently that savings of up to 30% are achievable compared with traditional pallet rental solutions.

Demes offers both local and international contract management services to customers in a diverse range of industries, including glass containers, PET, food, beverage, automotive and retail. Thanks to our membership of the 1.6bn/ 2.3bn DS Smith Group, Demes are able to take an integrated approach which ensures the optimum mix of packaging assets and management services.

The benefits of working with Demes are considerable and include:

  • increased pool utilisation
  • improved operational synergies
  • inspection, repair and washing processes to maintain pool quality and increased standards of hygiene and cleanliness on every trip
  • 24/7 tracking optimising efficiency and allowing identification and recovery of assets
  • auditing processes to eliminate weaknesses in the supply chain
All this adds up to a contracted out pool management service which delivers significant savings straight to your bottom line.

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